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Female cougars are on the prowl. Or will they be just a male dream?

Female cougars are on the prowl. Or will they be just a male dream?

To a few, they’ve been items of empowering modern feminism. To others they truly are an example of misogynistic male fantasy. To yet others these are typically just titillating. A very important factor, but isn’t doubtful: cougars were prowling all over the American cultural land, plus they are maybe not the mountain-lion type.

Cougar is an expression used to explain an older girl exactly who utilizes similar predatory sexual method as males, like centering on members of kazakhstan brides the contrary sex who happen to be much younger than the woman is. Think of The scholar Mrs Robinson, but updated and without mental hang-ups.

They began as an expression of thinly veiled misuse, regarded as a derisive insult to old single female. But now the term has slowly joined the traditional, especially through television. With stirred a fierce argument over perhaps the name is a triumph for females, or a disastrous drawback.

A week ago noticed the first associated with the brand new sitcom Cougar community, featuring former company celebrity Courteney Cox, just who plays an adult lady, with a teenage child, which relentlessly goes after more youthful guys as sexual conquests.