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Deposit Advance Products vs. payday advances – A comparison

Deposit Advance Products vs. payday advances – A comparison

It is vital to note deposit that is bank-offered items are perhaps maybe maybe not pay day loans. Deposit advance items are credit lines, that are items open to qualified bank customers.

Though some make reference to these as “payday loans” their product features have become various in quantity of methods. Experts, some news, customer teams and policy manufacturers frequently wrongly connect bank-offered deposit advance items with specific conventional payday financial products, with small or no difference as to how bank-offered item features provide for greater customer security and better client rates.

CBA thinks you should explain deposit that is bank-offered items to enable people in this committee to possess an exact knowledge of the way they work, their products or services features, just exactly how customers use them to handle their income and exactly how they are diverse from old-fashioned cash advance items.


Probably the most crucial difference between deposit advance items and pay day loans could be the relationship that exists between your client while the bank. a consumer looking for a short-term, little dollar loan cannot walk into a bank and instantly be eligible for a a deposit advance LOC.

They are maybe maybe not products that are stand-alone the consumer should have a bank checking account using the bank.