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Deleting your profile will delete your profile and eliminate it from your own unit

Deleting your profile will delete your profile and eliminate it from your own unit

Disabling your profile will delete your profile and take away it from your own unit, but you’ll are able to manually re-enable it by logging in once more.

Disable your profile

Deleting your profile shall delete your profile and remove it from your own unit; a deleted profile are going to be inaccessible from any unit.

Not able to access the profile you want to delete

Please submit a SCRUFF help demand in SCRUFF or by tapping E MAIL US below. To expedite the profile removal request, please give you the after whenever filling in the demand type:

  1. SCRUFF Profile email and SCRUFF Profile Name for the profile you need deleted.

  3. You would like to preserve, please be sure to clearly establish in the Description field which profile(s) you want deleted if you have duplicate profile(s) that share the same email and profile name as profile(s. For instance:
    • Describe (or connect) the profile picture
    • Include the profile you want deleted as a well liked within the profile you want to keep
  4. If you don’t remember the email target linked to the profile(s) you want deleted, we possibly may manage to locate them by searching for the devices the profile(s) are related to. To get this done, you will have to provide us the ID(s that is hardware of one’s device(s) into the definition field.

To get the equipment ID of the unit, look at the following help article: Obtain your Device ID.

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