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Meet up with the Man Who Calls Himself “the Slut Whisperer”

Meet up with the Man Who Calls Himself “the Slut Whisperer”

I do not keep in mind whom first revealed me personally the Instagram account of this Slut Whisperer, Kirill Bichutsky, but the video is remembered by me. It had been a brief clip of a lady at a club getting hosed with champagne—a variation in the porn that is popular of the “facial,” whenever a person ejaculates all over their partner’s face. Bichutsky’s feed revealed endless variations of this shot—photo after picture of females with shut eyes and mouths that are gaping laughing as bubbly is sprayed on the faces.

Their feed can be, in a variety of ways, a maw that is gaping of. Besides the 2015 reply to Girls Gone Wild-era debauchery (which features ladies who, it should be noted, are generally not forced into participating), Bichutsky’s Instagram—boasting over 472,000 followers—is where he touts world views it is difficult to think a guy could continue to have. In which he’s celebrated for this.

Just simply just Take this rage-inducing that is recent, which got over 19,000 loves and 6,000 reviews, many towards the tune of “hahaha true”:

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Yet, Bichutsky is just one of the selected few—save the Kardashian family—who are compensated to produce appearances at groups, to drink and sample medications, and also to schmooze with breathtaking women.